brOsh It’s a small device made of flexible rubber that surrounds any tooth brush in the market (electrical & manual) for both kids and adults, Able to track brushing performance while brushing teeth in three dimensional axis (X,Y,Z) to guide to the right brushing technique and to calculate the right time and moves plus to measure the pressure force has been applied to the toothbrush and send all these data as a detailed report to a smartphone app via bluetooth to give the best brushing advices, brOsh is a supervisor for your brushing process that tells you how to brush and for how long until you get the best result and enjoy the best smile! Brosh got a Patent Pending in the United Kingdom: GB1615869.3


brOsh detects all the following Teethbrushing techniques:

Placing bristles along the gum line at 45 degree angle and sensing if bristles are contact both tooth surface and the gum line.

Brush the outer tooth surfaces of 2-3 teeth with a vibration back, forth & following motion also the movement of the brushing to the next group of 2-3 and repeat that process.

Detecting maintain a 45 degree angle with bristles contacting the tooth surface and gum line. Sensing if Gentle brushing has been used back, forth & rolling motion along all the inner tooth surface.

Placing the brush against the biting surface of the teeth & use a gentle back & forth scrubbing motion and recognizing if the brushing the lounge from the back to front in order to remove oder-producing bacteria.

Sensing the tilting the brush vertically behind the front teeth for several up & down strokes using the front half of the brush.

Sensing the tilting the brush vertically behind the front teeth for several up & down strokes using the front half of the brush.


Backup End/Cloud system
Customizable Case
Brushing Techniques Methood
Alerting Method
Soft Case
Auto Notification Stopper
Wireless Charging
Auto Callibration
Install on Apple Watch or Android Wear
Flexible PCB
Connected with Parents Phone
Gaming Interactive
Consumption Power
Bluetooth Technology
Wake Up Sensor
Graph & Charts
Water Proof
Shock Resistance

the team

  • Eid is the CEO, Dental lover, Maker, Dental technician, Eid has 36 years experience in this field

  • Ahmed is in Business & Marketing, Ahmed likes to play this role structural planner on the team, bringing originality and sharp creative go to market.

  • Alaa is the CTO, passionate about building things, especially bluetooth connected devices, Skilled with 3D accelerometers sensors.

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